AI Strategy

Why are we working on this?

AI is a technology that has the potential to drive digital innovation across multiple industries in New Zealand’s economy, for the benefit of all New Zealander’s. However AI is also a technology that has some inherent risks that need to be appropriately managed. This makes it a technology that needs social license, underpinned by ethical standards, to ensure trust, accountability and transparency in its application.

Without a national plan addressing these tensions, New Zealand risks being merely a follower of international trends, rather than charting our own course regarding the future role AI may have in our socio-economic progression.

Success for New Zealand will be when our economy, infrastructure and communities are set up to maximise the opportunities of AI and we have measures in place to manage risks.

What are we trying to achieve?

The Minister for Economic Development has asked we begin to scope what a national AI Strategy for New Zealand might incorporate and to establish an aspirational draft vision for the proposed strategy.

Because of the clear economic advantages associated with adopting AI, the primary objective and key focus of the proposed strategy will be to support the policy objectives of transitioning to a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

The proposed scope for the national strategy will be one that is aspirational taking into account areas where New Zealand could develop deep capability and be a potential global leader in. The proposed strategy would look to be grounded in the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and would seek to incorporate a Te Ao Māori world view.

Relevant work underway

  • Establishment of an AI reference group compromising agency representation and members of the AI Forum to assist in developing the scope and draft vision for the strategy.

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